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Think Better, Live Better Wrap up

This past weekend I photographed the Think Better, Live Better event put on my Marc & Angel Chernoff at the W in downtown Austin. From the moment you walked up the stairs to the event registration the energy in the air was this electric positivity that was contagious. The event speakers were not only excited to be speaking at the event, but were ready to participate and improve themselves through the event. From living the perfect day to increasing productivity and dealing with toxic relationships this event (like the name suggests) challenged attendees to shift their thinking to improve their lives. Marc & Angel sure do know how to pack a room, but what I was even more impressed by is by the end of the day, that room felt very small and tight knit. Attendees not only walked away with a bucket of new tools and stretegies for living a better life, but with a support system to help hold them accountable. The event was awesome. I hope all the attendees have a great time looking back!

A SIDE NOTE: All attendees who are wanting to download and save the step and repeat photos from the event can visit my facebook page here. Find the album named "Think Better, Live Better step & repeat" and you should be able to save from there! If you need help feel free to send me an email at and I can send it to you directly! Thanks for a great day!


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