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A Sister is both your mirror AND your opposite

Meet my sister, Kristen. Not only is she one of the most GORGEOUS women on this planet, but she is a kick ass photographer to boot! We set out with a plan in mind... to put ourselves in our clients shoes! This is NOT easy for me. I picked up a camera 6 years ago and have never looked back! My camera is my safe gaurd... I love seeing the beauty through my lens, but everytime I get in front of the lens myself I feel so self aware. Talking to my clients and my sister I quickly realized that everyone feels that way. Every one worries that when the world stares at them all that is visable are the flaws, but I feel it is so important to realize that our flaws make us the beautfully broken creatures God intends us to be! Kristen is a natural in front of the camera (even if she doesn't feel like it) and getting these gorgeous images was so easy!


Client Raves

"She is an amazing photographer!"


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Thanks for stopping by the blog! It is here you will get to see first hand why I have the BEST job in the world. Let me share my client's stories with you.

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