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Mr. & Mrs. Abernathy

Bill and Erin's wedding at Star Ranch Golf Club was just gorgeous and an amazing way to round out my October weddings! The smiles and laughter that were shared on this special day was contagious. I found myself so caught up in every moment and at one point wondering why my lens was blurry and wouldn't focus... then realized it was me tearing up! You will see why in their sneak peek! Enjoy!

One thing that was certain is that Bill and Erin both had an army standing with them on their special day. It was great to meet all their bridal party (some of who I already knew) and to listen to the many stories they have shared together. You can tell they choose to surround themselves with good people, people who love them and people who will stand by them and support them in their marriage.

It is no surprise (because I say it all the time) that one of my favorite moments of a wedding is the first time the Bride's father sees her! Erin's father came in and in a short few minutes he had everyone in the room laughing and crying. He is a special man and he adores his daughter and it's easy to tell the feeling was mutual.

The ceremony was held outside and the looks these two shared had me bubbling up with happiness and giddy for the path God has set them on! This is when I just couldn't fight back the tears of joy for these two amazing people who have found each other in this world. There is nothing more special than that!

(The look on their faces says it all)

(image captured by Alejandra Vital. Edited by KPP)

I love the pride beaming from the groom as we walked his new wife back down the aisle! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Abernathy!

After the portraits we let the party begin and boy was it fun! People enjoyed dancing and talking, and laughing and sharing stories! It was a great time!

We sent them off with sparklers which is always a fun way to end the night!

My hope for this awesome couple is that they may always continue to dance under the stars!

Client Raves

"She is an amazing photographer!"


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